Non-invasive vascular-system physiological function evaluation device

The new generation of vascular-system physiological function evaluation system provides an easy-of-use, accurate and comfortable noninvasive test method for the majority part of vascular system. ArteryWave® provides diagnostic assessments including pulse wave velocity (PWV), arterial pulse wave analysis (PWA) and ankle brachial index (ABI). It also provides vascular health management by supporting personalized analysis of cardiovascular health, so as to provide reliable early indicators for the prevention of cardiovascular risk events and adjustment of medications for clinicians.

Detection Functions

  • Carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV):Provides evaluation of the elasticity of large arteries, which is internationally recognized as the "gold standard" for evaluating the elasticity and stiffness of large arteries.
  • Brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV):Provides quantitative analysis of the stiffness and elasticity of blood vessels throughout the body.
  • Pulse wave analysis (PWA):Provides calculation of central arterial pulse pressure and arterial stiffness index.
  • Ankle-brachial index (ABI): Provides the ratio of blood pressure in ankle and upper arm to detect the degree of arterial obstruction or stenosis in the upper and lower extremities.
Application Advantages
  • Efficacy

    The devices adopts a new generation of high-sensitivity pulse sensor to ensure high accuracy and repeatability of the detection and integrates multiple arterial testing functions by only one measurement.

  • Economy

    The product is economical and cheap compared to peer products without sacrificing any performance.

  • Efficiency

    The devices is a movable console allowing multi-scenario use. It is highly automated and intelligent operation, and the whole runtime is only 3 minutes.